2018 - Revised & Expanded Final Edition

Self-Published Book

by former Army Sergeant M.Plante




Dishonoring the Honorable is a true story of how the VA treats our veterans. This book exposes the corruption and red tape at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for veterans obtaining their benefits that they are entitled.

My intention for writing this book is to provide information and suggestions that may help veterans in their battle for their disability claims. It may not be in my best interest, but I am not afraid to speak out for what is right. I have provided numerous documents to back up my case, which proves that the VA does alter, destroys documents and delays cases.

At no time should you take these suggestions as legal advice!


I appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) nine times, and my case was, remanded, nine times by the Court and fourteen times by the Board of Veteran’s Appeals (BVA). I represented myself six times in the court and had an attorney represent me three times under the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA).

I will take you through the process that I went through, with the VA Regional Office (RO), the Appeals Management Center (AMC) the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) VA Office of General Counsel (VA-OGC), the United States Court, of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). Will discuss in detail the Freedom of Information Act/ Privacy Act, and the Equal Access to Justice Act, Radiation Scandal, DVA Scandals, Corruption and Fraud as well as Suggestions and Opinions.

For 90 years the Dept. of Veterans Affairs has lead Veterans to believe that the process to obtain benefits that they are entitled is to a non-adversarial (pro-veteran). Most Veterans will disagree.

March 1, 2018 - Due to a Major change iThe VA Secretary David Shulkin, MD made a speech at the National Press Club. In his statement, he announced that the process of securing veterans’ benefits is “adversarial” for veterans. Secretary Shulkin also stated the adversarial VA policies and protocol had created a bureaucratic burden on taxpayers he hopes to reduce, and veterans should not have to continually file claims or appeal.


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Maurice Plante



Chapter by Chapter Breakdown 


Chapter 1

Active Duty 

Being asked repeatedly about my time in the Military and how I became a Staff Sargent in less than two years was the reason I added this chapter to the final edition. Why I decided to join the Army, Where I was stationed and my overall experience.



Chapter 2 

History of my Case

How I won my case after twenty-four years

What veterans should be aware of

Detail account of my service-connected disability claim. Evidence of altered documents, email conversations that weren't meant for me to see.  Missing documents and so many other forms of corruption and lack of honesty. I also make suggestions, which may help veterans in their claim for benefits.


Chapter 3

Department of Veterans Affairs Scandals

There have been scandals, corruption, and fraud since the beginning (1921).  A year by year list of these scandals and other information. 


Chapter 4

Regional Office 

Appeals Management Center 

VA Tiger Team

There are 56 Regional Offices; this is where you file your claim, don’t expect a good result from your RO. Remember the whole process is "adversarial” for veterans,   not pro-veteran. 


Chapter 5

The Board of Veterans’ Appeals 

All Board members are lawyers, called Veterans Law Judges. Steps to help you with the process and suggestions on what to do and not to do. What I find confusing and things to point out to you. 


Chapter 6

The United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

CAVC was, established in 1988; most veterans feel that it has not turned as Congress had intended,  our Veterans Court is an Article 1 Court.


Chapter 7

Office of the General Counsel

Never heard one positive word about the VA-OGC.  What they mostly do is file joint motions, so that the veteran's lawyer will be paid thousands of dollars with no benefits for the veteran.


Chapter 8 

Radiation Scandal

Veterans 1151 Claim on this issue

Veterans in VA Hospitals, in the 40s and 50s were being, treated with experimental drugs.

 This issue was, quickly swept under the rug.


Chapter 9

Equal Access to Justice Act

Golden Egg for Attorney is nothing more than a Scam

In my opinion, does not benefit veterans but lawyers. You will be surprised at what these lawyers are paid per case, how about $40,000 or $70.000  with no benefits for the veteran. 


Chapter 10

Freedom of Information Act

I also discuss the Freedom of Information Act. It is not as easy as one might think to get information

under the FOIA.


Chapter 11

Suggestions and Opinions

How to improve the whole process for veterans obtaining Service-connected disability


Chapter 12

What will be the next VA Scandals

Benefits Veterans and Family Members may not be aware of

Corruption and Fraud and 13 pages of benefits veterans and family members may not know that they are entitled too.


Chapter 13

Corruption and Fraud

Inspector  Generals reports and more corruption and fraud.


Chapter 14

The Bonus Army

Who Murdered the Vets

What is the Bonus Army and how is it related to the Article "Who Murdered the Vets",

A first-hand report on the Florida Hurricane written by Ernest Hemingway. The chapter ends with a response to Hemingway's first-hand report.


Chapter 15


The VA is not the only Government Agency that is broken, is it time for operation Clean sweep?

The Federal Circuit Court has ruled in Cushman 576 F.3d  It is well, established that disability benefits are a protected property interest.All veterans have a Constitutional Right under, the Fifth and Fourteenth amendment in our application for benefits.



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